The Equity Dealers of America Joins New Retail Investor Education Campaign

For Immediate Release

May 22, 2018


The Equity Dealers of America Applauds Launch of New Retail Investor Education Campaign

Earlier this morning the Equity Dealers of America and other leading national member associations launched a first of-its-kind education and advocacy campaign, aimed at prioritizing the interests of retail investors.

Titled the Main Street Investors Coalition, the new initiative is intended to address an investment system which has become increasingly politicized in recent years and which systematically disadvantages every-day investors.

The campaign will look to draw attention to these issues, while simultaneously advocating for solutions which provide America’s 100 million retail investors with more control over how their money is used and the investments made in their name.

Commenting in response to the launch, Christopher A. Iacovella, CEO of the Equity Dealers of America issued the following statement: “We’ve been concerned for some time by the surge in the number of shareholder proposals that are more interested in pursuing political objectives than maximizing the value of the companies they own stock in. This phenomenon has not only led to reduced focus on fiduciary responsibility, but it has also been a major factor in the declining number of companies choosing to go public, leaving mom and pop investors with less opportunities to back innovative new companies.”

“The Equity Dealers of America’s membership directly serves the needs of main street investors, so we are pleased to support the launch of the Main Street Coalition as we seek to recreate a system which recognizes the importance of America’s retail investors as the bedrock of our financial system, and puts the use of their money first.”

The press release announcing the launch of the Main Street Investors Coalition can be found here and more information about the initiative here.

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