American Securities Association Formed to Represent Main Street Securities Dealers

Washington, D.C.—The American Securities Association (ASA) was formed to advance the business, market, regulatory, and legislative interests of American regional financial services firms. This organization will provide an exclusive platform for Main Street firms and their executive leadership to address issues significant and specific to them.

“Deep roots and knowledge of local markets allow ASA member firms to better serve their communities than larger Wall Street firms. It is why we are trusted sources of financial advice for individuals and families and the reason investors, schools, hospitals and companies rely on us. Washington’s one-size-fits-all approach to industry regulation disproportionately harms our ability to drive economic recovery and job creation, which is vital to the regions we serve, and surely is not the intended purpose. You can’t just say we have to regulate trading and markets and have all of us comply with a rule written for the largest firms. To remedy this, the ASA brings together the highest-level of industry leadership who share a vision for proscriptive change,” said Curt Bradbury, Chief Operating Officer of Stephens Inc., and the inaugural Chair of the ASA.